El Tiempo newspaper communicates its stories through written press and has been the official newspaper of the bio park since 2011. It has promoted zoo activities through reports, notices and social networks. Undoubtedly, they are a local means of communication that support projects and initiatives in favor of the environment and the community. Graiman S.A. is a local producer of ceramic and porcelain tiles which has supported us since 2011. They do this through helping with the construction of bio park service areas such as restrooms, the snack bar, animal nutrition areas, the veterinarian clinic for wild animals, and the Center of Amphibian Conservation.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Ideal-Alambrec-Bekaert Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Aviario-Nacional-Pensilvania
Ideal Alambrec Bekaert is a company dedicated to the production of mesh and galvanized steel enclosures which has supported us since 2011. They have helped us with different habitats like those of the African Lions and Andean Condors but their product can also be observed in the puma, ocelot, and capuchin monkey enclosures. This company works in alignment with species conservation, especially Andean Condor conservation in different national reserves that protect this critically endangered species. National Aviary of Pennsylvania, USA has supported us since 2014 through the conservation of the Andean Condor in Ecuador. They funded the Condor habitat with international funds in order to protect this threatened species. In addition, they funded the creation of the first wild animal clinic at Amaru.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Zoologico-de-Philadelphia Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Unsion-tv
The Philadelphia Zoo, USA has supported us directly with amphibian conservation since 2012. They support us with international funds for the protection of six endangered frogs of Cajas National Park found in the Amphibian Conservation Center. Unision TV is a television network and has been the official channel of the bio park since 2013. They have supported zoo activities through reports, features, interviews, campaigns, and social networks. They are undoubtedly a local means of communication that support projects and initiatives in favor of the environment and the community.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Vivant Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Industrias-Ales
Vivant, which bottles natural water and flavored drinks, is a local company whose values align with environmental responsibility. They have supported our project since 2011 through funds, drinks, and commercial maintenance.   Ales Industries is a company dedicated to the commercialization of cleaning, cooking, and agricultural equipment. They have supported us since 2011 by providing equipment for the Andean Bear enclosure. The conservation, research, reproduction, and reintegration of this species is protected by this environmentally responsible company.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Tugal Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Liliana-Febres-Cordero-de-Estrada
Tugal S.A is a local company that produces steel and is environmentally friendly. They have supported us since 2011 with the creation of different habitats such as the pumas and Andean Condors in which we used their galvanized steel. Ms. Liliana Febres Cordero of Estrada has supported us since 2012 through the habitat infrastructure of our felines and ocelots. She also rescued and rehabilitated one of these species that is still a part of the Amaru family. Her interest in wildlife conservation was reflected in her voluntary contribution.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Cadenactiva-fm88-radioactiva-Complicefm Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Plastiazuay
Cadena Activa, is a radio network found on FM 99.7 and FM 88 and it has been the official radio network of the bio park since 2013. They have supported zoo activities through reports, features, interviews, campaigns, and social networks. They are undoubtedly a local means of communication that support projects and initiatives in favor of the environment and the community. Plastiazuay is a local plastic and geomembrane producing company. They have supported us since 2011 in our implementation of geomembranes on the spider monkey, woolly monkey, and capuchin monkey islands. They also provided materials for the plastic greenhouse in the Reptile Conservation Center.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Ecogas Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Omnitron
Ecogas is a local ecological and environmental company that supports native species of Ecuador. Since 2013 they have supported us in implementing the Paramo fox habitat and have supported Paramo fox conservation efforts as it is a threatened species in Ecuador. Omnitrón Cía. Ltda is a local safety equipment company that has supported us since 2011. They have provided us with the 3500 square foot electrical fence surrounding the Andean Bear sanctuary thus helping us in the conservation of this endangered species.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Ecuagenera-Orquideas Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Importadora-Comercial-Benigno-Bravo
Ecuagenera, Orchids of Ecuador is the largest exporter of orchids in the country. It has helped us since the start of the bio park by funding an educational orchid exhibit whose objective is to educate our visitors of the diversity our country has to offer.   Benigo Bravo, a localcommercial importing company, manufactures bricks. They have directly supplied us with bricks for the snack bar area for the convenience of bio park visitors. Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Tropical-Herping and Enrique Rhodes Photography have been supporting us since 2014 with the creation of designs and photography seen on this webpage. They have helped us spread conservation projects, scientific research, news, etc.   Tropical Herping is a tourist photography company that provides us with brochures about reptiles and seminars on photography and biology.
Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Nitrollanta Zoo-Bioparque-Amaru-Cuenca-Ecuador-Auspiciantes-Hormipisos
Nitrollanta is a tire producing company that has been committed to amphibian conservation since the beginning. They helped us construct the Amphibian Conservation Center (CCA) by donating tires used for recycled trails. They also helped us to develop infrastructure in the CCA and the ticket office. Hormipisos is a company that makes cobblestones and has helped us by providing materials for the nutrition area, classroom, and wildlife Veterinary Clinic.

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