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We are an environmental zoological organization that offers a unique experience of contact with animals and plants that are part of the natural and cultural wealth of Ecuador, that promotes and executes education, communication, recreation and research programs to promote the conservation of Ecuadorian biodiversity.

We are located in the city of Cuenca, 10 minutes from the city center on the Cuenca - Azogues highway.

Amaru wants to inspire people and the community to promote knowledge, protection of biodiversity, the country's natural and cultural resources, through the different facilities that he has built in his thematic biopark.

Amaru is a private non-profit conservation organization that was created by the Ecuadorian Ministry of the Environment (MAE) through a ministerial agreement in 2002, since then the Amaru Bioparque Cuenca has been evolving and manifesting itself as a leading conservation organization in the region , which enjoys credibility by virtue of its transparency, honesty, results and professionalism.

Our mission as an institution is to contribute to the protection of the environment, promoting knowledge and awareness about biodiversity through the creation of unforgettable experiences, the execution of scientific research programs, education, management and breeding of fauna and flora applied to the conservation of species. animals, plants, ecosystems and the native ethnic groups of Ecuador.

We as Amaru work together with the MAE (Ministry of the Environment), the CGA (Commission for Environmental Management) and other institutions related to the rescue of fauna and flora of Ecuador, in conservation programs 365 days a year because our work It requires the greatest possible effort to fulfill our mission of making everyone aware of the importance of conservationism. Every year Amaru receives around 450 animals that arrive in different states, some of them come from illegal hunting, illegal species trafficking, seizures by the National Police, donations by civilians, etc. All this number of animals that we receive in our institution is due to the fact that we have the only wildlife clinic in the south of the country.

Currently at Amaru we work with 33 people where each one of them carries out an extremely important work, from 2002 to the present time at Amaru we have had a truly notable and favorable change, because we have a work team fully committed to the project, each day our workers give their best and the current state of our animals attest to that.

What we seek to achieve with this worldwide volunteer program is for each of you to empower yourself in our project and carry out your activities in the best way and in the best spirit.


It will work in all the different areas that the Biopark comprises, for example a time in nutrition where the diets of all animals will be carried out, in veterinary medicine where you will have direct contact with the animals collaborating with the veterinary doctors who work in the park, in maintenance with construction personnel where work related to the creation of new habitats will be carried out, in education where work will be done directly with visitors and educational institutions that visit us, and in other areas that the park includes.

Apart from participating daily in all areas of the park, the objective that we have with you is to generate, execute and complete specific projects with each one of you, these projects will be awarded on your first day here with us. One of the requirements that we require of you as volunteers is to think of projects for our institution so that the next volunteers can carry them out, and if time allows us to carry out your own project together with you.


In the Amaru biopark learning has no limits, here in our conservation home volunteers will learn about the stories, management and conservation of each animal that is in the park, while our volunteers learn about animals at the same time They are doing a learning of the Spanish language, since our mission with the volunteers is that they learn as many things as possible, so the longer they accompany us in our park, the more learning our volunteers will generate for you. The fact that you volunteer with us is a feedback of knowledge since we also learn from you and we cross experiences generating an expansion of knowledge by everyone.




Our volunteers sleep in the upper part of the clinic, which is a two-storey building in the upper part of the biopark, making it totally calm and quiet to rest, during the day the second floor of the building apart from the volunteer room operates 2 offices. where the park management works, the room is shared where we have access to 4 beds, our volunteers have free access to the kitchen where they can prepare their meals if they wish, they have internet access, a bathroom for the exclusive use of volunteers with hot water and fully equipped (toilet paper, soap, shampoo), we do not have a laundry service.

One of the projects that we have in mind with the volunteers is the creation of cabins to receive more volunteers and have more privacy and tranquility in their stay with us, so we need your help to be able to host the largest number of volunteers. that we can and thus achieve that more people live this unmissable life experience.

Zoo Bioparque Amaru Cuenca volunteering


As Amaru biopark we have created the volunteer program so that you have the possibility of having an unforgettable experience. Because we are a private organization that houses more than 1,400 animals, we opted for the decision to create this volunteer program, all the funds raised from this program will go to more volunteer projects for the conservation of animals.

The minimum volunteer time that we require is 2 weeks as our projects are long and delayed and we need you to help us create and finish the projects. The days they work are 5 during the week from 8 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon, they have 2 days a week free to get to know the city and rest. If you want you can work until 5 in the afternoon, but that will depend on the volunteer.

The volunteer program is a way to provide an unforgettable experience of contact with the fauna and flora of our country while contributing to the environmental conservation projects that we manage in Amaru, for this reason the volunteer package has a cost of 300 dollars per month where it includes:

1. Shared room
2. Bathroom equipped with hot water
3. Access to the kitchen 24 hours
4. Internet
5. Lunches on 5 working days
6. Transfer from the airport or terminal to the park on the first day
7. Activities with the caretakers of mammals (feeding the species , assists in their enclosures, behavior monitoring and monitoring of diet consumption.)
8. Activities with bird keepers (feeding the species, assistance in their enclosures, behavior monitoring and monitoring of diet consumption.)
9. Activities with reptile keepers (feeding of the species, assistance in their enclosures, behavior monitoring and monitoring of diet consumption.)
10. Support in the nutrition department where they collaborate in the preparation of diets for the animals that are found. hosted in the AMARU biopark.
11. Support in the veterinary medicine department where they collaborate in the preparation of clinical histories, manuals, work schedules for markings, deworming, vaccinations of individuals. In addition, in practical activities they support the monitoring of diet consumption and the monitoring of the health of individuals.
12. Collaboration in the education department where they participate in the educational talks that take place every weekend with our visitors, collaborate in educational guides, participate in special programs such as night safaris where the activity of nocturnal animals is observed, obtaining a unique experience.


We are located 15 minutes from the beautiful city of Cuenca, this city is the third in importance in the entire country. Cuenca is known as the most cultural city in all of Ecuador because it has a large number of museums, the historic center of the city is considered a cultural heritage of humanity as it maintains its colonial houses and buildings, so take a walk in the center it is one of the activities most carried out by visitors.

On the Trip Advisor page, Amaru is ranked number 3 of the most visited destinations in Cuenca, which has made us one of the leading destinations in the city.

One of the most incredible attractions that the city has are its rivers, since this city is crossed by 4 rivers which provides a beautiful view from wherever you are. Its gastronomy is incredible and its landscapes are unique. From the city center we are 30 minutes from the Cajas national park where we can find about 235 glacial lagoons, its surface is 28,544 ha, so visiting it is something not to be missed within the activities to be carried out in Cuenca.

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Jorge Sotomayor - Volunteer Coordinator

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