“…It's very beautiful and positive work, because I have had the opportunity to surpass myself. I love to take care of animals and carry out conservation actions for endangered species. I really like the work environment and my schedule…”
Edwin Zambrano
Mammal Caregiver and animal trainer

“...It is a fascinating experience, working with animals that need your help, every day is different and it's wonderful to be able to work with the public who visit the zoo and to make them aware of the importance of conserving and protecting Mother Nature. The work environment is very nice and the relationship between coworkers and managers is great...”
Amanda Vega
Education Director

“…To work outdoors without being locked in an office is the best, to be with animals and plants that God has created for a good portion of each day is healthy for you, I think one should always seek contact with nature, to be in contact with Mother Nature means we are in contact with God, our creator. Being in contact with animals, the most faithful beings of the world, is a privilege that not all humans have…”
Lola Ortiz
Administrative Director

University students explore different ecosystems in the Bio Park.