Who Are We

We are an environmental zoological organization that offers a unique experience with the animals and plants that are a part of Ecuador´s natural and cultural richness. We promote and run education, communication, recreation, and research programs to foster the conservation of Ecuador’s biodiversity.

Amaru hopes to inspire the community to promote knowledge and protect both the natural and cultural bio diverse resources of the country. We hope to do this through the different facilities which make up our park.


Amaru is a private, non-profit conservation organization created by Ecuador’s Ministry of Environment through ministerial agreement in 2002. Since then, the Amaru Bio Park Zoo of Cuenca has been constantly evolving and developing itself as a leading conservation organization in the region. It maintains credibility through its transparency, honesty, results, and professionalism. For more than a decade it has exercised leadership in the national zoological community by promoting and accompanying the development of other institutions of similar nature and by actively trying to make the community more committed to the conservation of biodiversity. Amaru continues to grow as an organization with clear objectives and goals based on ethical, environmental, social, and community values. These values contribute to the wellness of both our community and the wildlife that we protect every day. Amaru promotes the development of environmental commitment and respect for nature through each of its actions.


Various animals of Amaru

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