Amaru is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of technical and professional workers with great qualities, who work with a lot of enthusiasm every day in order to make sure that your visit to the Zoo Bio Park is unforgettable. In addition, regardless of their profession, each staff member works for one cause, the protection of valuable biodiversity of fauna and flora in our facilities.

A student intern supports the Conservation of Threatened Amphibians program that drives Amaru

In Amaru, 22 people work in four departments: Administrative Officer; Education; Public Relations - Marketing; Wellness, Health, and Animal Conservation. Perhaps you've heard of administrators, accountants, and builders, but zoo caregivers, guides, interpreters, biologists, veterinarians, gardeners, farmers, and artists are also part of the group of people who work directly or indirectly at the zoo.

Zoological Biopark Personel:

Blgo. Ernesto Arbeláez Ortiz Executive Director of Conservation at Amaru and President of AEZA, the Ecuadorian Association of Zoos and Aquariums which is in the process of legal formation.
Blga. Amanda Vega Toral Education and Financial Director.
Mrs. Lola Ortiz Peña

Administrative Director.

Ing. Victoria Arbeláez Ortiz Director of Marking and Communications.
Mr. Jorge Sotomayor Assistant, Reception and Sales.
Mr. Ismael Castro

Assistant, Reception and Sales.

Dra. Katherine Costa Chief Medical Veterinarian of Animal health, Nutrition, and the hospital for conservation of wildlife.
Blgo. Fausto Siavichay Pesántez General Coordinator of the Conservation Center for Amphibians CCA-AMARU and Research Curator for the field work for threatened amphibians.
Mr. José Vieira

Curator for the Conservation Center of Reptiles CCR-AMARU, biological assistant in field research programs, general enrichment, and wildlife photographer.

Mr. Jhony Zambrano

Reptile, Amphibian, and Invertebrate Caregiver, and caregiver for laboratory and animal facilities.

Mr. Rommel Fernández

Bird Caregiver and Quarantine Manager

Mr. Jhony Rivera Bird Caregiver and Quarantine Manager
Mr. Cristian Rivera Mammal Caregiver
Mr. Antonio García Mammal Caregiver
Mr. Henry Saeteros Maintenance and Construction Operator
Mr. Daniel Siguencia Maintenance and Construction Operator
Mr. Luis Ojeda Maintenance and Construction Operator
Lcda. Patricia Serrano Zoo store and parallel services
Mr. Alfredo Toral Ordoñez Zoo Store and parallel services
Mrs. Maybeline Ocampo Food Patio Assistant and parallel services
Mrs. Margarita Domínguez Food Patio Assistant and parallel services
Mrs. Cecilia Parapi Food Patio Assistant and parallel services

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